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Philology, in the field of: English Philology

Level of study: first degree Form of study: stationary Education profile: general academic Duration: 3 years

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Full-time first-cycle (B.A. level) programme takes 3 years (6 semesters) to complete. The total number of hours amounts to 2000, with the total number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) set at 180.


The professional title of licencjat ( equivalent of B.A.) in the field of Philology is awarded upon completion of all courses prescribed in the study plan, and after a candidate has submitted their B.A. thesis and successfully passed their final (degree) examination. Holders of B.A. degree in English Philology  have gained general knowledge of the language, literature, culture and history of  the countries of the selected language area and can use this knowledge in social and professional life while observing ethical principles for good practice.  The graduates are characterized by high level of linguistic competence in at least one target language (the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and can use specialized language for professional purposes and in professional contexts. They also have interdisciplinary competence which enables them to apply their linguistic knowledge as well as communicative skills to different fields of academic and social life. The holders of Bachelor’s degree in English Philology can solve professional problems, know how to gather, process and transfer information (both in written and oral forms),  and are able to participate actively within a team.  Their knowledge and skills  should allow them to work in educational, administrative and cultural institutions (such as publishing houses, editorial boards, mass media, tourist industry, service sector, etc.) – that is, they are fit for all the jobs that require good knowledge of the target language and culture. This includes  the teaching  of English in (primary and lower secondary) schools: the graduates can work as teachers after completing a special teacher-training course run by the Teachers Education Centre of the University of Białystok (CEN). The holders of B.A. degree may  continue their studies at M.A. level.

ECTS system

The total number of credits that must by earned during the programme is 180. To pass a year of study, a student must obtain at least 60 ECTS.

Admission rules

Admission rules


Foreign candidates applying for bachelor degree program offered by the University of Bialystok should take the following steps in the recruitment procedure:


1. Fill in Application Form and send it back to the address: 

2. Foreign candidates should register in the System of Online Registration for Studies (IRK), fill in (enter) only personal data and pay a recruitment fee (PLN 85).

3. Foreign candidates qualified for admission to study must submit the following documents: 

  • a personal questionnaire (printed from the IRK System of Online Registration for Studies),
  • a secondary school graduation certificate - candidates to first cycle (BA) studies (original document together with certificate of recognition and their translation*),
  • a higher education diploma (MA, BA or long-cycle) - candidates to second-cycle (MA) studies (original document together its translation*),
  • apostille attached to the secondary school graduation certificate (the original document together with its translation*),
  • a health certificate (the original document together with its translation*) stating that there are no objections to study a selected field of study/specialization,
  • a copy of an ID (e.g. passport or residence permit) confirmed on the basis of the submitted original document or other document certifying the candidate’s identity,
  • an application for the issue of Electronic Student ID [a color photo: JPG, 300x375 px (20x25mm), 300 dpi],
  • a foreign language declaration (downloaded from IRK) – only when a foreign language course is obligatory from the first year of study,
  • a document of proficiency in
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