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Computer Science specialization Internet and Mobile Technologies

Poziom kształcenia: II stopnia Forma studiów: stacjonarne Profil studiów: ogólnoakademicki Czas trwania: 2 lata

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The field of study is payable to all students.

The tuition fee can be found on the following website: http://www.uwb.edu.pl/tuition-fees



Our second-degree full-time Computer Science programme lasts 2 years (IV semesters). Graduates receive a master's degree (magister in Polish) after completion of a diploma thesis and a succesfull diploma defence. One of the main objectives of the programme is to educate highly qualified graduates who are able to skillfully adjust to the changing needs of the job market.

Obligatory courses offered in the study program:

Modelling and Analysis of IT Systems, Advanced Databases, Global optimization, Multimedia techniques, Internet Applications Design, Algebraic  methods in Computer Science, Introduction to Fuzzy Modelling and Analysis, XML Technologies in Programming, Mobile Technologies, Security of Data and IT Systems, Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, Internet Data Analysis, Mobile Applications Programming, Network Programming, Management of IT Projects

Some elective courses

Analytical methods in computer science, Analytical geometry in computer graphics, Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in Java, Adaptive Internet Multimedia Systems, Intelligent Multimedia Teaching systems

Graduate profile

Graduates of the second-degree programme are expected to be qualified to independently solve IT problems and apply IT solutions to selected technological and social fields. They should possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of modern mobile technologies, design and programming of Internet and mobile applications, programming in a network environment, Internet data analysis, and multimedia processing. Graduates are also expected to have general knowledge of social issues facilitating interpersonal communication.

Graduates can find employment as programmers’ team leaders, software designers and engineers, administrators of IT systems, network architects, or data protection and security specialists. They should be prepared to work in institutions with various business profiles that use modern IT solutions. In particular, in software development enterprises, in IT consulting companies, in the modern technologies and financial sector, as well as to conduct academic work at universities. They can also take up third-degree (doctoral) studies.

Academic vocational degree: master’s degree

Zasady kwalifikacji

Admission rules

  1. Candidates holding higher education (Bachelor) diplomas or Master degrees within two areas of education: science (field of mathematical sciences) and technical sciences (field of technical sciences) may apply.
  2. There is no entrance exam.
  3. A ranking of academic results may be employed if there is an excessive number of applications.
  4. A transcript of records showing the subjects/grades and a certificate of proficiency in English for foreigners (unless the first  degree was taught in English) are required.
  5. A minimum of 26 successful applicants is needed to start the programme. 
  6. In the case of a candidate for second-cycle studies without first-cycle background in the field, they should make up for the missing qualifications (by paying the fee) during the course  of their second-cycle studies. Study effects for the completion of missing qualifications shall be stipulated by the Dean in accord with the curriculum of the appropriate first-cycle study programme. 

W postępowaniu rekrutacyjnym będą brane pod uwagę:

– ocena na dyplomie ukończenia studiów pierwszego stopnia (studiów drugiego stopnia albo jednolitych studiów magisterskich) na kierunkach należących do obszaru nauk ścisłych lub obszaru nauk technicznych

– średnia arytmetyczna ocen ze studiów

– kierunek preferowany – informatyka

Wysokość czesnego

I year/16 000 PLN
II year/14 000 PLN
Total: 30 000 PLN