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International Economic Relations

Level of study: second degree Form of study: stationary Education profile: ogólnoakademicki Duration: 2 years

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The field of study is payable to all students.

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International Economic Relations

The study provides graduates with advanced knowledge in international economics and complementary disciplines as well as develops useful skills necessary to carry out a professional activity in the institutions and enterprises related to international trade, international organizations and institutions, state administration units connected with foreign cooperation, research and expert centres dealing with international relations, diplomacy and mass media.

Admission rules

W postępowaniu rekrutacyjnym będą brane pod uwagę:

– ocena na dyplomie ukończenia studiów pierwszego stopnia, drugiego stopnia albo jednolitych magisterskich na kierunkach należących do dziedziny nauk społecznych

– średnia arytmetyczna ocen ze studiów.

In recruitment proceedings, the following will be taken into account:

- diploma of completion of first-cycle, second-cycle or uniform master's studies in fields of study in the field of social sciences.


Tuition fee

I year/6253 PLN
II year/6253 PLN
Total: 12 470 PLN